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Daetwyler Swisstec is our doctor Blade supplier for the Gravure and Flexo Printing.

Due to continuous research and development work, Swisstec is successfully maintaining its leading market position and is constantly expanding.

MDC Doctor Blades are worldwide recognized for its high quality. Our comprehensive range of products of coated, uncoated blades and the variety of the tips configuration, allows us to be flexible and adapt to customer demands.

We provide experience with to achieve the best effectivity of printing in customer site by offering high precision and technical assistance.

We introduced the concept of longlife coated blades to the market; our capacity to analyze trends and demands allows us to continue innovating and lead as referents in the graphic industry.

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An all-rounder for every printing application
Very high service life in continuous printing
Reduces drag outs, streaks and hazing in gravure printing


Alternative product to the LONGLIFE for mid runs
Entry product for coated blades
Short run-in period thanks to soft coating
Superb for sharp transitions
Reduces hazing and streaks
Corrosion protection


Perfect performance at all contact angles
No start-up time due to the technically advanced lamella profile
Reduces defects in the entire print run
Precise ink metering
Corrosion protection


Our proven flexo printing product worldwide
Solvents and water-based inks are the product’s area of application
Surfaces are protected thanks to the soft coating
Reduces score lines on the ceramic roller
Corrosion protection


High quality European steel
The specially polished blade guarantees smooth and sharp doctoring
Available in all configurations


An excellent doctor blade from the LONGLIFE family
Thanks to the slightly softer coating for fine texts
Gentle on the cylinder surface at high running performance
The tobacco industry is the main area of application
For printing barcodes and structured texts


High reliability due to the very hard base coating
Extremely high service life with solvent-based inks
Very gentle on anilox roller thanks to additional soft coating
Suitable for very abrasive inks and lacquers
Consistently high print quality and short running-in period
Corrosion protection


Further development of the bestseller LONGLIFE
The main application is in the solvent-based ink sector
No streaking and no hazing in the starting phase
Easy on chrome for higher cylinder running times
Very fast running-in period and long service life
Can also be used for lamination applications


Corrosion resistant
Especially suitable for water based inks, lacquers and other substrates with high pH values
Increased service life compared to standard blades


Alternative to standard steel for flexographic and gravure printing
The material is also heat-treated
Universal blade for all applications


Several references of blades available according to your applications.
Mainly used in the corrugated cardboard printing and envelope market.
Used as closing blade, very slow wear & long lifetime
Safe use (less risk for operators)


Constant lamellar thickness allows even doctoring of the chrome cylinder
Tonal values maintained during the wear process
Burr-free, specially polished laminated contact zone allows streak-free printing


Specially designed for high speed applications with the best possible print results
Low blade wear
Fewer machine downtimes
Less ink spitting
Optimized colour output and less wear of anilox rollers


Increased stiffness – less blade wear
Available in various bevel configuration (see product)
Narrow contact zone allows for clean, sharp doctoring


3°-Multiblade, greater stability, lower bending at high pressure
Narrow blade contact zone reduces hazing


Reduces or eliminates ink spitting
Improved stability through increased material thickness
Suitable for high-viscosity inks
Thinner blade allows for clean and constant doctoring

Please ask our sales expert for more information.

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