Daetwyler-Hell France is committed with innovation and quality of its consumables for Gravure, Plating machines and cylinder turning and polishing.

Our dedication and continuous investment in research and development, allows us to offer the best quality product in the market. As a result:

  • High performance consumables: more durability and resilience
  • High concentrated chemicals: to facilitate the dosage and manipulation
  • Comprehensive range of products: to offer the one that better meats our customer needs

The quality of our products plus our twenty years of experience in the field, guarantee the best results of our customer production and the maintenance of their machines.

Consumables K.Walter

Consumables K.Walter

Consumables Daetwyler Graphics

Consumables Daetwyler Graphics


The color magnetic filter is made entirely of stainless steel. It is easy to clean and easy to use.

On the one hand, the screen reliably filters dirt out of the paint and, on the other hand, the magnet picks up metallic impurities. By using this filter, streaks and scumming can be reduced in gravure printing. In flexographic printing, scorelines are prevented on the anilox rollers.


Dedicated to the Flexo printing, we have a wide range of references with different materials, different thicknesses to meet the needs of all printing machines. We can also manufacture custom endseal according to the circumference of your cylinders.

WEB CLEANER Rouleaux Adhésifs

WEB CLEANER Adhesive rolls
Economical and qualitative web cleaner for the label industry.


Please ask us for more information.


Protects the blade tip and also aids in safe handling of used doctor blades with sharper, ground tips.
The protection is cheap, easy to use and can be reused many times.


The HelioMicrofinishing tape is intended for precise polishing of the cylinder surface.


Thanks to the unique selection of the grains, we have succeeded in further improving the polishing results in terms of homogeneity and handling. This avoids any quality issue.